London Practical Shooting Club

Ken Green and Achim Dreyer
Established: 04/02/1978
Mailing Address: 44 Harrowby St, London, W1H 5HY
Opening Times:
Has an extensive and varied shooting programme across practical rifle, service rifle, gallery rifle and practical shotgun disciplines, 26+ shooting days at Bisley and other ranges in the South
Non-Clay Other Info: Service Rifle & practical rifle also shot. Shoot between 10 - 1000 yards at Bisley & Military Ranges.
Other Facilities: Excellent club rifles for use by probationary members
Further Info: We also shoot at a number of different clubs in the south to keep the club overheads & prices down.

Shooting Types:

  • Centrefire Target Rifle
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Smallbore Rifle